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Animal Portions

Cow Portions:  Available in July through September (approximately)

The way it would work with purchasing a whole or half cow, is that the animal is bought directly from us. We would deliver it to the processor and pick up the finished/frozen meat for you to pick up at Lowland Farm.      You can determine how you want it butchered, following a "cut sheet" that we will provide.
You would, of course, get marrow bones, liver, heart, tail, tongue, kidney, and shanks, in addition to the "normal" cuts.
We charge $5.00./lb of hanging weight for a whole beef and $5.25/lb. for a half. This is the weight of the sides after slaughter/skinning but before the dry aging process and butchering.  A typical steer hanging weight might be 625lbs and a heifer 525-575lb, although there is considerable variation.                                                     Note: An animal with a 600lb. hanging weight will yield 400 - 425lbs. of packaged meat to take home.                In addition, the processor we use charges $40 (slaughter fee per animal) plus $0.55/lb. of hanging weight for USDA vacuum wrapped packaging.                                                                                                                         So, for a 600lb., USDA packed animal, you're talking about $3100. 

Meat from a typical half beef (from a 1000 - 12000 lb live animal) consists of approximately:

14 T-bone steaks (3/4" thick)
14 rib steaks (3/4" thick)
8 sirloin steaks (3/4")
8 round steaks (3/4")
2 sirloin tip roasts (3 lbs)
6 chuck roasts (4 lbs)
4 arm roasts (3 lbs)
2 rump roasts (4 lbs.)
8 packages of stew beef (1lb.)
4 packages of short ribs (1.5 lbs)
4 packages of soup bones (1.5 lobs)
80-100 pounds ground beef
(Variety meats, if desired, such as heart, liver, tongue, and oxtail)

Hog Portions:  Available year round on a periodic basis

The cost of buying a half/whole hog is $5.00 / $4.75 per pound of hanging weight (the carcass after slaughter and evisceration).  If you are willing and/or able to butcher the hog yourself, deduct $1.25/LB.

So an estimate for a half hog could be $500 and a whole $950. That includes all processing, packaging and any smoked items (like ham and bacon).

The typical hog, weighing 250 pounds on the hoof, will produce a 184-pound carcass that will yield approximately 120 - 140 pounds of pork;  70 pounds of pork would be a good estimate for a half a hog.

Butchering can be done to different specifications, but a typical cutting of a half a hog would produce: 

22 pounds of ham (this might include 12.8 pounds of cured ham, 1.2 pounds of fresh ham, 3.0 pounds of trimmings)

17 pounds of side, or belly (this could include 9.5 pounds of cured bacon and 2.9 pounds of spareribs)

16.9 pounds of loin (producing 1.6 pounds of backribs, 5.3 pounds of boneless loin, 3.8 pounds of country-style ribs, 2.8 pounds of sirloin roast, .8 pounds of tenderloin and .8 pounds of trimmings)

8.3 pounds of boneless picnic (lower shoulder) meat

7.3 of Boston butt (upper shoulder; perhaps 2 pounds of blade steaks and 3.9 pounds of blade roast) 

19.6 pounds of miscellaneous parts including jowls, feet, tail, neckbones, etc.


Hogs for a "pig roast" generally weigh 50 - 100 lbs. A 50 lb. roaster costs $350. Any roaster larger than 50 lbs. costs an additional $2/lb. for every pound over 50 lbs. So, a 75 lb. roaster would cost $400 and a 100 lb. roaster would cost $450.

We have a "China box" available for rental to roast your hog.

If you are interested in a cow/hog portion, or a Roaster,  please e-mail us at info@lowlandfarm.com